Within the envelope of a heritage villa, to the rear, we removed the floor, and added two levels where there had previously been one. The main hall drops down to meet the garden, via a wide set of stairs.  Above this, tucked into the roof-space there is a bedroom suite with views over the city.

The addition to the house is expressed as a separate sculptural form, which is a tapered shape with significant height in the middle, where there is a large skylight. This has been positioned to one side of the small site, to maximise an outdoor, sunny courtyard to one side, and a swimming pool to the rear. We were very careful with the positioning of windows to focus on the garden while blocking out neighbouring buildings which are quite close by. This gives the feeling of calm and solitude to the space. A single long, low window at the end of the room looks directly on to water from the pool.  The skylight creates beautiful, changing light throughout the day.

From the inside the addition is experienced as a surprising conclusion to a familiar beginning. The space is surprisingly dramatic in its top-lit vertical nature.

From the outside, the form is intended to appear as if carved from a block of stone. With time, a leafy garden will surround the addition and add another layer of mystery.

Ashford Construction

Katie Lockhart Studio

Jared Lockhart Design

David Straight


New Zealand Institute of Architects Auckland Architecture Award (Housing Alterations and Additions) 2021
Here Magazine ‘Best House in Aotearoa’ 2021