Two Palms

This is a family home for clients who love the simple mid-century modernism of ‘Palm Springs’ architecture.

Our interpretation was to create an amiable two-layered form in bagged brick that expresses the internal program of the house. The upper floor is dedicated to bedrooms and is suitably private and veiled by adjustable vertical louvres. The ground floor is dedicated to living, and while closed and obscure-looking from the street, it quickly unfolds into an open living space and verandah that connects directly with the back yard.

The plan places two living spaces on opposite sides of a small palm-studded courtyard. This allows morning and midday light to enter the lawn-facing living room and creates a view from the second living space that extends through the house to the rear boundary.

The material palette is highly textured but only softly coloured, providing a de-saturated backdrop to a verdant garden.